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UL Grade heavy duty mortise digital lock

UL Grade heavy duty mortise digital lock
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Product Name: UL Grade heavy duty mortise digital lock
Product Model: A822SD
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Product Information:

1.There is backlight on the password key area, it is convenient for user to operate at night

2.It can be unlocked in different ways:6-12digits Password, 13.56Mhz Mifare Card and mechanical key

3.The lock will arams after three attempts with an incorrect password, all function will be stopped in 3 minute

4.Enroll and erase the password on the lock directly,PC or special device are unnecessary to program

5.There is voice hint during operation, it is very simple to operate

6.Unlock with the mechanical key in emergency.

7.Low battery power warning alert, 9V battery can supply power from door outside.

    five latches material is stainless steel with fireproof Grade.

8.The door will be locked just lifting up the handle

9.The lock is suitable for families,households, apartment,office and villa.


Technical Data

1.Memory capacity: 32 Mifare cards and passwords

2.Power supply : 6V,4 AA batteries.

3.Static power supply :≤18uA

4.Dynamic Power Supply: ≤ 200mA.

5.Working temperature :-10℃to +80℃

6.Door Thickness:39~60mm