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EM card door lock

EM card door lock
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Product Name: EM card door lock
Product Model: 344EMG
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Product Information:

EM card Door lock for Home: This type lock needn't management software and encoder. All the open door cards can be issued by door lock. One door lock can issue 30 pieces of open door card at most. It is mainly used for home, apartment, office, etc.

Basic Technical Functional Index:
1. Power Supply: DC6V, use of 4 pieces of No. 5 (or No. 7) AA batteries, with lack of voltage indications
2. Static Power Supply: <1u A>
3. Dynamic Power Supply: About 200mA
4. Lifetime of battery: For the allowed door open times, it normally can exceed 10, 000
5. Inductive Distance: 3-10cm
7. Setting Requirement: Working temperature: -20'C~70'C, humidity: 98%max
8. Anti-static Electricity: Totally closing status, the problem of static electricity is resolved